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Do you know that user experience design is the most lucrative skill in today’s world. Even though it is possible to learn UX design on your own, enrolling in a course is an amazing way to gain the skills required to break into the industry and create some real disruption. Well, there are many online UX coursesavailable right now that are appropriate for a variety of purposes. It’s crucial to take your goals, objectives, and future actions into account before you devote your time, money, and effort in a UX design course. In the current job market, there is a growing need for professionals with experience in web design, UX research, and design thinking.

Innovation-driven businesses are always in look-out for talented experience designers. Most companies nowadays realize the value design can bring to their digital products. Hence, you’ll always have an edge if your skills & knowledge is impeccable. A recognized UX design certificate does guarantee you a position, unlike other digital skills. The first step is choosing a popular and trustworthy course provider. A strong UX training course can equip you with more advanced skills and strategies that go beyond the surface level.

Best UX Courses

Here is a list of the top UX courses available to leverage this lucrative skill.

  • UX MasterCamp by Onething X Masters’ Union

Onething in collaboration with Masters’ Union is hosting a MasterCamp in User Experience Design. Onething is a highly respected design studio with an esteemed clientele and a very productive workforce. Masters’ Union is the new-age destination for experiential learning. Both entities are coming together to make aspiring designers industry ready. Experienced designers from Onething Design co-designed and are live-teaching the User Experience Design MasterCamp. The course’s goal is to assist working professionals, aspiring designers students in making the move to careers in user experience design.

  • Professional Certificate in Google UX Design from Coursera

If it is to be put briefly, then this is one of the best professional courses launched by Google to start your UI/UX career in UX design. This Google Professional Credential in UX Design is the perfect course, to begin with, if you are a beginner seeking a detailed course to not only learn UX design in-depth but also receive a certificate with value.

You can learn everything you wanted to know about UX design through this UI/UX Designer masterclass. You can also comprehend the fundamentals of UX research. Additionally, you can also learn to put basic UX ideas like user-centered design, accessibility, and equity-focused design into practice. You can build a professional UX design portfolio with 3 end-to-end projects.

  • Best course on Coursera — User Experience Research and Design

The goal of UX Research and Design is to provide a strong foundation in UX. The course has combined UX research and design and is designed for students who want to develop things that are polished and consider customers’ wants as well as test and evaluate prototypes. This Coursera certificate contains a lot of authenticity because it was designed by a group of professors from the University of Michigan.

There are no prerequisite things required for the course, and 50% of students who complete the specialization course report being able to begin a new profession successfully.

  • Skillshare

Anyone would want to try out things before actually investing in them. Therefore, Skillshare can be the perfect option if you want to try out UX design. Skillshare is a free access service available on the internet and mobile that is focused on enabling individuals to learn creative skills in small bite-sized lessons.

Users can select from a wide range of UX design lessons that are offered for free on the site which provides you with the frameworks, tools, and strategies to produce an outstanding user experience in just 90 minutes.

  • Udemy’s User Experience Design Fundamentals Course

Coming up next is the User Experience Design Fundamentals Course on the popular learning site Udemy. This is yet another fantastic course on Udemy to learn about user interface and User experience design.

This ten-hour course will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to do UX and is made up of on-demand videos, followed by tasks where you will apply what you’re learning so that you do know what it actually is.

Even though the course doesn’t only concentrate on UX, it is still very extensive and ideal for individuals who are interested in all of the essential elements of project design The opportunity to be selected for a genuine job is one special aspect of the course.

  • The UX Design Institute Professional Certificate in UI Design

A UI design course with credits from the university is available from the UX Design Institute, providing you with a credential that will be respected by companies. The 12-week online course takes about 3 hours of study time per week to finish. You are free to learn at your own speed whenever it suits you since the course is completely flexible.

The course material is intended for graphic designers, digital designers, and UX professionals who wish to learn and deepen their knowledge of user interface design. The UX Design Institute provides one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market without sacrificing quality. In just three months, you’ll receive a valid qualification and a curriculum supported by universities.


In today’s increasingly digital environment, having expertise in user interface (UI) design is highly advantageous. And here in the conclusion of the discussion of the top UX/UI Design courses, it is quite visible that the course can help in boosting your career. These online training courses can be of great assistance if you are learning UI/UX design. UI/UX and Web design talents are in high demand, and this demand will only grow as more businesses, individuals, and retailers move their work online. The moment is right to pick up these in-demand skills and capitalize on the rising demand for UI/UX designers.

Originally published at on Jan 25, 2023



Specializing in the field of interaction design, we’re a global UI UX design studio that assists brands across industries in sustainable digital transformation.

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Specializing in the field of interaction design, we’re a global UI UX design studio that assists brands across industries in sustainable digital transformation.