Top 5 Dashboard Designs for Effective Data Analysis


Dashboard Design

Dashboard design isn’t something that designers typically focus on. However, a dashboard that is easy to use and intuitive is sure to enhance the overall user experience, and is in fact extremely important.

What Is A Dashboard?

A dashboard is a set of graphical menus and interfaces that give the user quick access to data and information, as well as simplify any editing processes they might need for a website or an app.

The dashboard design contains information like stats, analytics, schedules, messages, and more. It is basically a user interface that is designed to interact with the back-end of a website or an app, so that a user can make changes and access their info. It can be thought of as a control panel or an admin panel and gives users access to all the necessary data they need to be able to perform all the different functions on a website or application.

A good dashboard’s UI design will have an intuitive layout that makes it easy for users to control the site or app and make useful decisions. The advantages of good dashboards are that they truly stand out, and websites or apps with these dashboards will receive praise from users and also see increased usage.

Dashboard UI design is an opportunity to think of the unlimited possibilities to present data in a creative way. They are extremely useful to organise large amounts of data, navigate it, and finally interpret it so that we can use it in useful ways.

They are becoming extremely important in this digital age, as we are being bombarded with data from everywhere. Thus the best dashboards should organise data in such a way, that users can easily understand where the information is coming from.

Let’s Look At The Top 5 Dashboards That Designers Can Take Inspiration From. Let’s Go:

1. Airtel IQ: Airtel is India’s leading telecommunications company, with a vision to provide a complete cloud communication suite for businesses to transform customer engagement across channels. As a result of dealing with a vast number of customers and data, we crafted an enterprise-grade solution from the ground up. We meticulously designed a call logs dashboard which offers a comprehensive overview of all the relevant information with just a quick glance. Our main objective was to assist users in obtaining a broad understanding of the customer’s details & gathering valuable insights. The screen you can see below is the dashboard we built which allows users to seamlessly switch between customers, interactions, & concerns, without breaking logical consistency or flow.

Airtel IQ Dashboard design

2. Prescinto: Prescinto has gained the trust of users in 14 countries and is currently monitoring over 12,000 MW of clean energy projects, offering a 10x return on investment. While the system was highly adaptable, the team encountered difficulties with complex user flows & restructuring the information architecture. With the help of AI, we designed Prescinto’s dashboard to enhance the efficiency of renewable energy management systems, simplify operations and maintenance, and maximize returns on energy investments..This resulted in reducing the learning curve for users & making it easier for them to navigate through the dashboard, creating room for customisation so users can gain some control.

Prescinto Dashboard design

3. Google Analytics: Google Analytics has a clean and minimalistic dashboard design that focuses on displaying essential information in an easy-to-read format. It also includes interactive charts and graphs that allow users to drill down into specific information. This dashboard allows users to seamlessly switch between customers, charts, & graphs, without breaking logical consistency or flow.

Google Analytics Dashboard Design

4. HubSpot: HubSpot takes a slightly different approach with its dashboard, which features a card-based layout that makes it simple to navigate different sections of the platform. You’ll also find interactive charts and graphs that allow you to analyse your data in real time. Newly designed interactive dashboard is more engaging, easy to navigate and finds information in seconds, thus making a seamless user experience.

HubSpot Dashboard Design

5. Trello: Trello’s dashboard is about making it easy to stay on top of tasks and deadlines. The card-based layout lets you quickly organize and track tasks, while interactive charts and graphs help you keep an eye on progress. And with a sleek dark mode design, it’s easy to use even in low-light environments. It undeniably shows Trello’s ability to captivate its user base by simplifying the “to-do list” and endowing it with a unique character that distinguishes it from other similar platforms.

Trello Dashboard Design

What sets these dashboards apart from others is their user-centric design. Each one was crafted with the user in mind, making it easy to find the information you need and understand it at a glance. The use of interactive elements also enables users to customize the data displayed on the dashboard. For example, users can zoom in and out of charts and graphs, change the date range, or select specific data points to analyze. This level of interactivity not only enhances the user experience but also makes it easier for users to gain insights into their data.

Furthermore, user-centric dashboards prioritize the user’s needs, making it easy for them to find and understand the information they need. The use of interactive elements adds an extra layer of functionality, enabling users to analyze and customize the data presented on the dashboard.


In this evolving digital era, where data is abundant, a good dashboard design should be intuitive, organize information in a creative way, and enable users to easily understand the data. The top 5 dashboard designs we have discussed — Airtel IQ, Prescinto, Google Analytics, HubSpot, and Trello — stand out for their user-centric design and use of minimal elements, making it simple for users to navigate and customize the data required.

As a designer, you can find inspiration from these designs and create a great dashboard design UX by prioritizing the user’s needs and providing easy access to information. There is plenty of dashboard design inspiration available on the internet that can help you get started on your design journey. There are also plenty of templates available that provide everything you need to create great dashboard design UX.



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