Top UX Trends That Are Shaping The SaaS Industry In 2022

One of the most influential sectors nowadays is a software as a service (SaaS). The goal of user experience design is to make things accessible for all parties on various SaaS platforms. SaaS solutions are being used by more and more companies, which is affecting the industry’s constant expansion. SaaS product design is essential in this sense. Not only should the software look good overall, but it should also be simple to use. You can draw in more clients with a top-notch and smart design, including both tech-savvy specialists and inexperienced computer users. The user experience is enhanced, made easier, and more delightful as well as fun by UX design. As new artificial and virtual worlds have transformed how we work and communicate with one another, there has been an increase in the use of the internet and technological devices during the past two years. A growing user base, demands, shifting customer wants, and feedback make UX design one of the most novel design fields out there. Since the inception of the internet, the UX design industry has been advancing and serving as a “bridge” between people and digital goods or websites. Some would even contend that it has existed for longer than that.

Let us now discuss current design trends and best practices for SaaS UX Design. By using this information, you can develop a product that connects with users and becomes very popular. In this post, we examine the most recent UX trends that are shaping the SaaS industry and also keeping the designers and developers working to stay up with consumers’ shifting tastes.

UX Trends Shaping The SaaS Industry In 2022

Delivering a smooth user experience is a complex process that comes with many difficulties. Personal tastes are not acceptable for UX designers; instead, they must have a thorough awareness of the end-user experience and be constantly on the lookout for new technology advancements as well as users’ expanding wants. Here are some of the UX design trends influencing today’s user experience environment.

SaaS companies are implementing single sign-on (SSO) to provide users with more signup alternatives and to create a smooth signup process. A user can connect to numerous apps with one login credential when using an SSO.

The existence of cave paintings, fairy tales, and all other words and images that smoothly move across time and unite us in shared narratives is proof that stories have existed from the beginning of time. People can relate to the story better because it’s a communal activity. These narratives and experiences are engrossing, arouse interest, and are fundamentally emotional. Using storytelling to create an experience can help organizations and customers connect more deeply.

By no means is voice help (improving user experiences through voice control) a new UX trend. What’s novel about it now is how it’s developing. Initially, the screen served as the user’s first and primary point of contact when designing voice interfaces. Because of this, voice user interfaces may suffer from bugs, app integration issues, or delays in the time at which a user should speak, to mention a few. A smooth user experience between the user and the speech application or software is increasingly important as voice interfaces and voice programs are used more frequently.

When using the product, people have a variety of demands and desires. Designing in-app experiences with these needs in mind is crucial if you want to keep consumers in a cutthroat industry. There are several ways to allow users to customize their product experience. The secret is to start relevant experiences for relevant users when they need them.

Although illustrated graphics are not a new trend in user experience design, they have recently begun to overtake other visual elements as the preferred choice for use in websites, applications, advertisements, etc. Using stock pictures that have been combined with customized artwork lays the groundwork for originality, which cannot really be achieved with commodity photos alone.

When done well, illustrated visuals can help convey a concept more quickly, particularly when utilized in the narrative. Using illustrations also enables you to keep theme consistency and set distinct emotional appeal, which helps make your brand more recognizable to your target audience.

Biometric authentication also referred to as passwordless login, deals with the problems of needing to remember complex passwords and unauthorized logins. This UX trend coincides with the present generation of desktop and mobile devices using fingerprint and facial recognition technologies.

The marketplace for biometric authentication has expanded quickly in recent years as more companies and government organizations have begun integrating it into their systems to increase security.

Another powerful medium for communicating is video, but there are ways to interest your audience when you offer it. The user will value video content more if they have control over when and if to watch it. Despite the high quality of their material, videos that automatically play can be deemed more annoying. Businesses are utilizing video as a great marketing tool because it is one of the most popular types of media.

Despite being a recent development in UX design, virtual reality (VR) is advancing quickly. Designers can replicate real-life experiences in virtual reality, which is a synthetic world. The transition to 3D will fundamentally alter how customers engage with products.

The good news is that VR makes it easier for customers to relate to the business, which increases user retention.


We frequently interact with computers, smartphones, and other sophisticated devices. They have integrated themselves into our daily lives to the point that we hardly ever give them a second thought unless there are problems or significant modifications that negatively impact how we use them. For our everyday devices, simplicity, efficacy, and adaptability are the hallmarks of good UX design. They seamlessly integrate into our everyday routines and grow to be an extension of who we are. Offering a fantastic user experience helps firms develop trusting relationships with their customers and promote loyalty. This is the secret to ensuring that successful brands endure and develop.

Originally published at on Dec 15, 2022



Specializing in the field of interaction design, we’re a global UI UX design studio that assists brands across industries in sustainable digital transformation.

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Specializing in the field of interaction design, we’re a global UI UX design studio that assists brands across industries in sustainable digital transformation.